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BigDataRevealed (BDR)

We have developed a quick and high value discovery Application for GDPR and General Compliance which accelerates identification and location of areas of exposure, whether they occur in an intended or unintended area of your big data environment. Luckily, BigDataRevealed's software Application quickly identifies problem areas and applies a Sequester and Encryption process to remedy the situation using BDR-IntelligentCatalogMetadata.  BDR software installation takes just one day and results start flowing.

About BigDataRevealed (BDR)

General Data Privacy Regulations (GPDR) will be first implemented in Europe but will quickly spread globally.  GDPR requires that protection of personally identifiable information (PII) is taken seriously, even if you or partners entrusted to participate in your digital transactions experience lapses in security.  If your data is stored in big data environments, such as Amazon’s platform (AWS), Microsoft’s platform (Azure) or others, it is still your responsibility to protect PII data and ensure it is not misused or stolen by others. Luckily, BigDataRevealed has developed a software tool and procedure to quickly identify the problem areas and apply a sequester and encryption process to remedy the situation.

Manual discovery processes typically used by Data Scientists/Management are automated with our BDR-SecureSequesterEncryption software to remedy exposed PII data.  One of the business outcomes from the BDR-SecureSequesterEncryption software application is the use of our Intelligent Catalog to root out any patterns that are likely to trigger GDPR problems.

BigDataRevealed has used innovation to remedy problem areas in the big data environment with an intelligent catalog that also provides metadata for use in analytic modeling.   We believe our approach is unique to the Hadoop environment.  Important characteristics of our approach are:

  1. Complete immersion in the Hadoop environment, data is never removed from the Hadoop environment for analysis and exposed during transit.
  2. Totally embedded in Hadoop to harness its incredible processing power and data storage capability.
  3. Ability to schedule catalog searches
  4. Ability to expand the catalog capabilities with metadata obtained from a variety of sources
  5. Ability to package catalog searches and data remediation’s, such as our SecureSequester Encryption tool and procedures.
  6. A repeatable, collaborative software application, reducing the opportunity for human error and providing tested procedures.

We invite you to evaluate our product designed to quickly remedy the challenges companies find when utilizing Hadoop and preparing for GDPR.

For more information about our discovery process and the BDR-SecureSequesterEncryption process that is facilitated using our intelligent catalog and Metadata, contact us using the form below.

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