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Many of you will have received this week (mine arrived today)  what seemed to be an innocuous email  from Google advising us that “We’re improving our Terms of Service and making them easier for you to understand. The changes will take effect on 31 March 2020”

One has learnt by now that when any of these major multinationals, financial institutions or others tell us that they are improving, rectifying, or simplifying their information it is not to the benefit of the consumer, as is the case here; within the message text is the following paragraph:-

Your service provider and data controller is now Google LLC: Because the UK is leaving the EU, we’ve updated our Terms so that a United States-based company, Google LLC, is now your service provider instead of Google Ireland Limited. Google LLC will also become the data controller responsible for your information and complying with applicable privacy laws. 

Firstly, the logic that they have updated their terms because we are leaving the EU is totally fallacious, its only logic can be to, feed Googles rapacious appetite for our personal data. Secondly it is difficult to imagine a more serious challenge to our personal data sovereignty.

In particular:

  1. We have not as yet left the EU and remain members till 31st December 2020 and therefore GDPR is still extant and the UK requires to abide by the Act. Google will be transferring

(on or after 31st March 2020) all the personal data they hold, for which they do not appear to have any legal basis, such as consent or legitimate interest and are therefore acting in absolute contradiction of the UK data protection Act 2018.

Article written by Jeffery Coorsh, GDPR Associate

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Covid 19 – GDPR,CCPA and Data Protection.

As we are all aware Covid 19 is having a significant impact on everything we do and how we strive to carry on running businesses in these difficult times. The GDPR Institut has been and will continue to be at the forefront providing help,support and advice with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Covid 19 is bringing new challenges and we can work with you to ensure continued compliance and get you in a defensible position should you suffer a breach.

What we can offer.

  • Free Consultations – Discuss your GDPR concerns and how Covid 19 is impacting on your Business (link). Do you have the necessary policies in place to allow employees to work remotely?​
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