70% Rise In Number Of Data Breaches Since New GDPR Rules

by GDPR Associates | 1st March 2019 1:50 pm

There was a 70 per cent rise in the number of data breaches in Ireland last year since new GDPR laws were brought in.

The Data Protection Commission’s annual report shows just over 4,700 valid breaches were reported to it between May and December 2018.

More than 2,800 complaints were made to the office – a 56 per cent increase on the year before.

The figures also show 15 statutory investigations involving tech companies were launched.

Graham Doyle, from the Data Protection Commission, says all of those investigations are ongoing: ‘Some of them are individual breaches and some are complaints based.’

The original article (and image) was originally posted here: https://www.todayfm.com/news/70-rise-number-data-breaches-since-new-gdpr-rules-832207[1]

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