Analyzing people

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Scientific studies show that many aspects of someone’s personality can be inferred from data on web searches, browsing histories, video viewing behaviors, social media activities, or purchases. For example, sensitive personal attributes such as ethnicity, religious and political views, relationship status, sexual orientation, and alcohol, cigarette, and drug use can be quite accurately inferred from someone’s Facebook likes. Analysis of social network profiles can also predict personality traits such as emotional stability, life satisfaction, impulsivity, depression and sensationalist interest.

Analyzing Facebook likes, phone data, and typing patterns

Analyzing people

Similarly, personality traits can be inferred from information about the websites someone has visited, as well as from phone call records and data about mobile app usage. Browsing history can reveal information about someone’s occupation and educational level. Canadian researchers have even successfully calculated emotional states such as confidence, nervousness, sadness, and tiredness by analyzing typing patterns on a computer keyboard.

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