The most asked GDPR questions – “How”?

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Wouldn’t it be great to know the key GDPR questions most people type into Search Engines? I would say Google, but there are other search engines available.

In this blog we are going to focus on “How” and here are a few for you of the top searches to get you thinking:

· How to implement GDPR? – Oh wouldn’t it be great if it were that simple? Tear off the cellophane insert the disc, problem solved.

· How to prepare for GDPR? – A far more sensible question, but no easier to answer

· How GDPR will affect recruitment? – Great question as recruitment is one of the most heavily impacted part of any company. Recruitment only deals with personal data so it’s a great focus area. The answer to the question is “massively”, then you get into the detail which is also massively complicated

· How does GDPR affect American companies? – Whilst temptation is to say don’t worry about GDPR you’ve got far bigger problems in the White House, we will ignore that and say that American companies doing business in the EU, or holding, or processing data on EU citizens need to be fully compliant with GDPR. If you haven’t done anything because you’re not in the EU then sorry that’s no excuse. Its time to make a start!

· How does GDPR affects HR? – See the recruitment answer above – Massively is the answer.

· How does GDPR affect Charities? – If you are holding personally identifiable information on EU Citizens then GDPR affects Charities in exactly the same way as it affects every other organisation.

· How does GDPR affect Marketing? – The temptation to say see Recruitment and HR above is overwhelming, but that is far too simple for this complex question, in fact you could write a book about on this question and many people already have. In very simple terms GDPR is the death of blanket spam marketing and now fully justifies the focus on Permission Marketing. You have never been able to beat the direct dialogue with a customer who positively agrees to be marketed to – because they want it – not because you want to do it to them. Consent is king and Explicit Consent moves consent to ultimate ruler territory. Go get consent, now it really matters!

· How does GDPR work? – The best answer for this is to devote a little time and dive into the riveting 260 pages of the regulation. Its not as bad as it sounds but it is a great cure for insomnia, but it’s the only way to get into the detail of how it works. If you’d like a copy of the regulation then send us a message and we’ll be happy to email you a copy.

· How does GDPR affect schools? – This is a very good question as it takes us to the heart of GDPR and protecting our young vulnerable children – or “at risk data” as the regulation defines it. If you get into the detail of how to solve GDPR for schools and colleges, then everything else in every other organisation is childs play.

· How will GDPR affect businesses? – Massively, but there is help available, don’t be frightened to ask.

· How GDPR stole Christmas! – This is not so much a question but a statement, and frankly its very very bizarre, but so many people have asked/stated it that it just couldn’t be overlooked. Whatever makes people think that GDPR stole Christmas? We’ll leave that one there, by answering a question with a question. But this one could go viral on social media.

· How GDPR changes the rules for research? – in fact there are a lot of these questions covering: research, analytics, data science etc and the answer is hugely, see the marketing question above – Permission is the answer to all evils.

There is more to follow in other blogs on key GDPR questions! But in the meantime register with the GDPR Institut at and talk to the experts to understand what you could do, should do and ought to be doing.

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