Thought of the Day: GDPR Assessment Choices

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One of the many joys of Consulting is seeing how clients in the same industry tackle the same challenges so very differently. Creative inventiveness ensures competitive edge and helps build a corporate culture, but can also lead to point solutions and increased complexity.

The same is true of organisations approach to how they have broken down the challenges of GDPR.

Increasingly, although policy is being set centrally, different parts of the business are doing their own Readiness and Risk assessments.

Naturally, everyone in the marketplace has their own readiness assessment and associated questionnaire and, as night follows day, the devolution of decision making to different parts of an organisation can mean that an organisation is using several different frameworks – causing confusion, overlap and conflicting priorities.

So, how do you choose a good questionnaire and framework ? And how do you make sense of the results  if you have conflicting recommendations?

A quick guide is below:

  • A) choose one that is written in the language of the regulations. It helps establish a common vocabulary and actually leaves less room for confusion than a “simplified” version.
  • B) choose one that ties back, directly, to the articles in the regulations. There is little enough time left to become compliant and so answering unnecessary questions is not a good use of resources.
  • C) choose one with around 100-200 questions. More and you will be spending hours filling them in, less and you won’t be adequately covering the detail you need.

With such a framework, it does not take long to align work that has been going on in isolation and will quickly highlight the common ground and the genuine high risk areas for your business as a whole.

I wish you every success.

“From the front line…”

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