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Posts From From the Front Line

GDPR Thought of the Day: The longest journey starts with a single step 0

So most people now have done, or are doing their GDPR assessment, yet they already know where they are weak. Subject Access Rights are a new mega process that no

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GDPR Thought of the Day: Compliance is not the same as trust 0

We all work in teams every day – virtual, or otherwise – and most times our colleagues are compliant: they do what’s asked of them, they do it well, things

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Thought of the Day: GDPR Assessment Choices 1

One of the many joys of Consulting is seeing how clients in the same industry tackle the same challenges so very differently. Creative inventiveness ensures competitive edge and helps build

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GDPR Thought of the Day – What’s mine, is now yours 4

Pseudonymisation is a complex looking, rather difficult to pronounce, word for what is actually a very elegant solution to the marketing dilemma posed by GDPR. Just as organisations have been

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