DOWNLOAD: Marketo Guide ‘The GDPR and the Marketer’ 0

The General Data Protection Regulation will be affecting companies across many industries and fields. Companies will need to consider how the GDPR will affect them and their data processes specifically,

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ICO's blog on its international work 0

The ICO’s ongoing contributions to the upholding of information rights across the globe. Source:

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Former GP surgery secretary fined for reading medical records of 231 patients in two years 0

A former trainee secretary at a GP surgery has been fined after she admitted unlawfully reading the records of 231 patients in two years. Source:

ICO issues the first fines to organisations that have not paid the data protection fee. 0

Organisations across the business services, construction and finance sectors are among the first to be fined by the ICO for not paying the data protection fee. Source:

ICO fines Uber £385,000 over data protection failings 0

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has fined ride sharing company Uber £385,000 for failing to protect customers’ personal information during a cyber attack. Source:

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