Blog: Advancing the adtech debate from a data protection perspective 0

Simon McDougall highlights three areas of concern in the adtech industry and invites stakeholders to a fact-finding forum. Source:

Housing developer fined for ignoring data request 0

Organisations have been reminded they could face a criminal prosecution if they fail to respect the public’s legal right to access their personal information. Source:

Blog: Show you mean business by paying the Data Protection Fee 0

Paul Arnold, Deputy CEO, explains to small businesses why they need to pay the data protection fee.  Source:

ICO fines Leave.EU and Arron Banks’ insurance £120,000 over marketing law breaches 0

The two companies which traded under the name of Go Skippy Insurance will now face ICO auditing action The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has fined Leave.EU and Arron Banks a combined sum of £120,000, following investigations into the companies’ marketing

ICO to audit data protection practices at Leave.EU and Eldon Insurance after fining both companies for unlawful marketing messages 0

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has issued fines totalling £120,000 to an EU referendum campaign and an insurance company for serious breaches of electronic marketing laws and is set to review how both are complying with data protection laws. Source:

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