The GDPR and Beyond: Privacy, Transparency and the Law 0

Elizabeth Denham spoke at the Alan Turing Institute on 23 March as part of its event: The GDPR and Beyond: Privacy, Transparency and the Law. Source:

Trust, Transparency and Just-in-Time FOI: Sustainable Governance and Openness in the Digital Age 0

Elizabeth Denham, an Honorary Professor at University College London, delivered the 2018 annual Jenkinson Lecture on 22 March. Source:

Scottish company raided over 200 million nuisance calls – after some potentially put public safety on railways at risk 0

The Information Commissioner’s Office has searched a business premises near Glasgow, as part of an investigation into a company suspected of making over 200 million illegal nuisance calls.   Source:

Thought of the Day: How was Facebook breached? 0

It doesn’t seem like Facebook was secretly hacked by cybercriminals – so what happened? The company Cambridge Analytica created a third party app that could gather the Facebook data of its users, with their consent, and the data of those

Thought of the Day: The ICO investigates the Facebook breach 0

Cambridge Analytica managed to harvest the data of tens of millions of Facebook users. This was done using an app that was able to collect the data of not only users who had given their consent, but also of all

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