Thought of the Day: Should brokers be allowed to sell consumer data?

by GDPR Associates | 4th March 2018 4:25 pm

Consumer data brokers collect and trade information collected from diverse online and offline sources. This includes information that is available publicly and also consumer data that can be bought or licensed from other companies. Much of the data does not come directly from the individuals and is largely without the consumer’s knowledge.

Information on individuals can include education, children, religion, political views, ethnicity, online behaviour like web searches, credit card usage, income and vehicle ownership. For example, Acxiom provides up to 3,000 data elements on 700 million people using sources from many countries including the US, UK and Germany. The data can also be used to calculate scores to predict an individual’s possible future behaviour – predictions which may not be correct. The GDPR should mean this data flow is reviewed to ensure consent is in place as required.

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