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GDPR in the News

UKIP appeals against ICO request for info on Brexit data dealings 0

Commish ‘forced’ to invoke statutory powers with ‘difficult’ organisations By Rebecca Hill 14 Dec 2017 UKIP has appealed to the information tribunal after the Information Commissioner’s Office ordered it to

Read More delays biometrics strategy again – but cops will still use the tech 0

Tech’s too ‘fast moving’ for framework, but not for slurping your face The Home Office has admitted the UK’s biometrics strategy won’t be published until next year, as MPs slam

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Update on ICO investigation into data analytics for political purposes 0

By Elizabeth Denham, Information Commissioner. In May I announced a formal investigation into the use of data analytics for political purposes. We’re looking at how personal information was analysed to target people

Read More told: Your frantic farming of pupils’ data is getting a little creepy 0

Plans to extend slurping to why kids quit mainstream education Plans to expand the vast National Pupil Database to include information on why kids leave mainstream education have been slammed

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TechUK Data Ethics Summit 0

Elizabeth Denham’s speech at the TechUK Data Ethics Summit on 13 December 2017. Thanks for inviting me here today. I’m pleased that the issues of data protection are taking such

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10 Things About The Network and Information Security Directive (NIS) 2

Have you heard about the European Union’s Network and Information Security (NIS) Directive, which is scheduled to enter into member state law in 2018? Maybe not. Both the world’s attention

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Guilty verdicts in trial against a company and rogue private investigators 0

A firm of loss adjusters has been found guilty of unlawfully disclosing personal data illegally obtained by senior members of their staff and private investigators. A director and senior employee

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Privacy regulator warns MPs over shared passwords 0

The UK’s data privacy regulator has cautioned MPs about sharing work computer passwords. It follows tweets by three Conservative Party MPs over the weekend claiming that they had provided their

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Yet another NSA intel breach discovered on AWS. It’s time to worry. 0

Once again the US government displays a level of ineptitude that can only be described as ‘Equifaxian‘ in nature. An AWS bucket with 47 viewable files was found configured for

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MP Nadine Dorries defends ‘shared password’ tweet 0

A Conservative MP has defended her cyber-security arrangements after revealing she shares her login passwords with all her staff. Nadine Dorries said this included “interns on exchange programmes”, triggering a

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