Companies that will slip through the GDPR net

August 21 18:26 2017 Print This Article

Is it worth EVERY company making an effort to meet all of the General Data Protection Regulation requirements? Being prepared requires allocating resources to research the requirements, carry out assessments and implement solutions. That’s a lot of work for any company, regardless of its size.

There may be companies that are completely unaware or have chosen not to take any action. If they are not ‘caught’ for being non-compliant, then is there really any benefit in companies making the effort to be compliant?

It’s unlikely that all companies will be investigated for GDPR compliance unless there is a breach or complaint of some sort, meaning that non-compliant companies may fly under the radar if there are no major data protection issues. So will companies take their chances and not address GDPR compliance? Does the cost of implementation outweigh the relatively low risk of being fined?

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