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Credit reference agency Equifax fined for security breach 0

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) issued Equifax Ltd with a £500,000 fine for failing to protect the personal information of up to 15 million UK citizens during a cyber attack

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CBI Cyber Security: Business Insight Conference 0

ICO Deputy Commissioner (Operations) James Dipple-Johnstone – speech to the CBI Cyber Security: Business Insight Conference Source:

ICO statement in response to British Airways breach announcement 0

ICO statement in response to British Airways breach announcement Source:

Organisations must continue to improve transparency and accountability as ICO survey shows most UK citizens still don’t trust organisations with their data 0

The Information Commissioner is reminding organisations to be transparent with people’s personal information, after a survey revealed trust and confidence in how organisations handle personal data is still low, despite an improvement across sectors. Source:

Marketing agency fined £60,000 for nuisance emails 0

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has fined Everything DM Ltd (EDML) , based in Stevenage, £60,000 for sending 1.42 million emails without consent. The investigation found that, between May 2016 and May 2017, the firm used its direct marketing system

Data agreement: EU jumps into bed with Japan as tensions rise over US privacy shield 0

The EU will look to ensure the safe transmission of data between the bloc and Japan, Justice Commissioner Věra Jourová said on Wednesday (5 September). The announcement comes at a time the EU’s other big data transmission agreement, the EU-US

GDPR Compliance Yet To Gain Traction 0

The initial verdicts of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are in, at least in terms of compliance – or lack thereof. In news this past week, studies have shown that compliance rates are indeed low, three months in. Data from

GDPR Effect: Data Protection Complaints Spike 0

Three months after the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation went into full effect, the U.K.’s data privacy watchdog says that the number of complaints it has received under GDPR has nearly doubled (see Europe’s Strong GDPR Privacy Rules Go Into

Why Europe Will Come Out on Top in the Tech Race Between the U.S. and China 0

The tech race between China and the U.S. has reached a fever pitch in recent months. The two countries not only have the world’s two most robust economies, they’re also home to some of the world’s most innovative companies. Google,

How GDPR is shaping global data protection 0

How is the world being changed by GDPR? At the end of last year, the EU accounted for around 15% of the world’s trade in goods. Under GDPR, any organisation that processes data relating to any individual, not only in

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