Data Protection

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Revision of data protection rules

Data Protection

On 27 April 2016, new laws on data protection, which will set out new European rules o


n privacy in the digital age were published. They must be applied across the EU by 25 May 2018.Our office worked substantially to influence these new rules to ensure the best possible outcome for the NHS.


As the UK will still be a member of the EU at this point in time, the Government has confirmed we will be implementing this piece of legislation to schedule, including through the.

Guidance for NHS organisations

The Information Governance Alliance has published a suite of guidance highlighting the actions that health organisations and arms’ length bodies need to consider to prepare for the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our office has provided support to the working group tasked with producing advice. The guidance for NHS organisations can be found here.

For NHS organisations involved in research, the Health Research Authority (HRA) has also produced complementary guidance for the health and social care research community.

Exchange of data post-Brexit

Further to the Statement of Intent, on 24 August the UK government published a future partnership paper on the exchange and protection of personal data with the EU after the UK has left the European Union.

The paper outlines the importance of sharing data between the UK and the EU, saying that the free flow of data is a crucial aspect of the data economy.

The Government paper highlights the mutual benefits of the UK remaining aligned with the EU’s data protection framework and affirms that “the UK’s data protection law will fully implement the most up-to-date EU framework, and this will remain the case at the point of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. On this basis, …….. it would be in the interest of both the UK and EU to agree ……. to mutually recognise each other’s data protection frameworks as a basis for the continued free flows of data between the EU (and other EU adequate countries) and UK from the point of exit until such time as new and more permanent arrangements come into force”.

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    May 07, 15:36 #1 DriveStrike

    Do you envision the UK and your team working to promote a universal data protection standard that can apply and be adopted globally? The nuances of various data protection laws across the globe make it very expensive and difficult to manage in a global economy.

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