Thought of the Day: What elements should be considered for data flow mapping?

February 16 18:28 2018 Print This Article

The GDPR requires companies to map their data flows to assess their privacy risks. This will help to identify gaps between the current processes and the requirements under the new Regulation.

Here are some of the key elements to successfully map data:
Data items – What type of data is being processed and what category does it come under? This can include names, email addresses and location data.
Formats – How was the data collected? Are there paper records or is it all digital?
Location – Where is the data located? Is it physically based in an office, with a third party or in the Cloud?
Accountability – Who is accountable for personal data?
Access – Who has access to which data and how easy is unauthorised access?

Creating a data flow map is important for having an overall view of data within a company, which will help in ensuring that data processes will be compliant under the GDPR.

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