Thought of the Day: The end of online passwords?

by GDPR Associates | 12th April 2018 10:37 pm

WebAuthn, short for Web Authentication, is a new web standard that is expected to end the use of passwords. Instead of having to remember lengthy and complex passwords, users will be able to use biometrics, like fingerprints, or devices that they already own, like smartphones.

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is the body that controls web standards. Its chief executive, Jeff Jaffe, says “WebAuthn will change the way that people access the Web”.

Google, Microsoft and Mozilla have already committed to supporting WebAuthn, meaning most of the major web browsers will implement the new standard. Some sites already use similar methods for logging in. At a time where data breaches and hacking seem to be becoming more of a regular occurrence, removing the reliance on login and password combinations will be a step towards improving online security.

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