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GDPR Success Assurance Offer

At the GDPR Institut, we recognise that COVID 19 has changed the way you do business. It has also brought new risks to the forefront, so that you must approach mitigation from a new perspective. In our most recent BrightTalk webinar, Covid 19 – GDPR CCPA and Data Protection Issueswe presented an overview of the altered landscape while summarising our experience in mitigating its risks.

GDPR Institut announces a new service, designed so that your company can get quick answers to the many questions that you have about GDPR or CCPA. This service assigns to you a GDPR Institut specialist, located in the EU or US to answer any questions you may. Questions such as:

Am I compliant with consent requirements?

  • How do I audit my third party relationships?
  • Do I have the right policies in place for operational resilience when crises arise?
  • What do I have to do to comply with a consumer’s right to access their Personally Identifiable Information?

The service is available for a one off or monthly fee of £69.99 inclusive (US $87.00). You will also be given free Annual Membership to the GDPR Institut affording you access to all our resources. Click Here to Purchase

GDPR and CCPA require fluid responses that typically involve research. Save time and money by putting the expertise of the GDPR Institut to work for your company.

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