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Thought of the Day: Why hide a data breach? 0

It was announced yesterday that Uber (US) had tried to conceal a data breach that affected 57 million customers and drivers around the world. Uber paid hackers $100,000 to delete the data and keep qu… This contect is protected for

Thought of the Day: How will the ICO cope? 0

The GDPR brings new responsibilities to companies in the UK, which also brings additional and new responsibilities for the UK’s regulator, the Information Commissioner’s Office. These aren’t minor tweaks to existing rules, but some major changes. For example, currently the

Thought of the Day: Is it time for a professional GDPR Qualification? 0

With the Data Protection Officer role becoming a necessity for many companies and more Data Protection staff required, should there be an official GDPR qualification available for professionals? There are only so many people who have helped to implement GDPR

Thought of the Day: Will DPOs get the blame if there is a data breach? 0

Being the Data Protection Officer of a company is a big responsibility. But what happens if there’s a data breach at a company – will the DPO be fired? Clearly, the DPO’s role is to ensure adequate da… This contect

Is it fair to target companies instead of hackers? 0

The GDPR can penalise companies up to €20 million or 4% of global annual turnover for certain infringements and data breaches.  Regulatory bodies will investigate infringements to ascertain the level of data protection at a company before deciding on the

Thought of the day: Could the GDPR eradicate data breaches? 0

The introduction of the GDPR means that companies will need to step up their game to protect client data, to be compliant and to avoid penalties of up to €20 million or 4% of annual profit. This will mean ensuring

Do you know how much of your personal data online services hold? 0

In March 2017 Judith Duportail, a German reporter, requested a copy of all of her personal data held by the dating service Tinder. She is entitled to do so under the European Union’s Data Protection … This contect is protected

Have consumers become de-sensitised to data breaches? 0

I wonder how many victims of the Yahoo hack thought about taking legal action against Yahoo. I imagine it was a very small proportion of the 3 billion account holders who were affected. Why is there not more outrage over

The Yahoo hack just got worse. Can companies really prevent hacking or identify breaches? 0

Yahoo had estimated that approximately 1 billion Yahoo users had been affected by a hack in August 2013. It now seems that all 3 billion user accounts at the time were affected. This only came about after Verizon acquired Yahoo.

Better guidance for companies to comply with the GDPR? 0

Even if companies are aware of the GDPR coming up, many still seem to be lost on how to be compliant. It’s one thing to raise awareness about the Regulation, but it’s a completely different matter when it comes to

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