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Thought of the Day: Google and the right to be forgotten 0

In a recent landmark case, it was decided that Google must remove search results about a businessman’s criminal conviction. This could have wide-ranging repercussions. A similar claim by a different businessman for a more serious offence had been rejected by

Thought of the Day: The end of online passwords? 0

WebAuthn, short for Web Authentication, is a new web standard that is expected to end the use of passwords. Instead of having to remember lengthy and complex passwords, users will be able to use biometrics, like fingerprints, or devices that

Thought of the Day: DPOs and the GDPR 0

When the General Data Protection Regulation comes into effect on May 25 this year, Data Protection Officers (DPOs) will be mandatory for certain organisations. This includes organisations where the core business activities consist of: the regular and systematic monitoring of

Thought of the Day: Are we ready for the GDPR? 0

The enforcement date for the General Data Protection Regulation is looming ever closer. With all the build up and planning, is everyone ready? According to one government survey (released January 2018), 38% of businesses and 44% of charities say they

Thought of the Day: How much could Facebook be fined? 1

With Facebook’s privacy practices being investigated, it’s a good time to ask how much the company could potentially be fined. According to the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Facebook will be investigated to see if they engaged in ‘unfair acts

Thought of the Day: How was Facebook breached? 0

It doesn’t seem like Facebook was secretly hacked by cybercriminals – so what happened? The company Cambridge Analytica created a third party app that could gather the Facebook data of its users, with their consent, and the data of those

Thought of the Day: The ICO investigates the Facebook breach 0

Cambridge Analytica managed to harvest the data of tens of millions of Facebook users. This was done using an app that was able to collect the data of not only users who had given their consent, but also of all

Thought of the Day: Will all personal data breaches need to be reported to the ICO? 0

Currently, most personal data breach reporting is best practice but not compulsory. Under the General Data Protection Regulation, it will be mandatory to report a personal data breach if it’s likely to result in a risk to people’s rights and

Thought of the Day: Do we need Data Protection harmonisation? 0

One of the selling points for the General Data Protection Regulation is that it will harmonise data protection law across the European Union. What’s so good about that? At the moment, various countries can implement the data protection requirements with

Thought of the Day: Data Protection and the Internet of Things 0

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the internet moving beyond traditional computer devices like laptops and phones, and connecting everyday items like toasters and thermostats. ‘Smart homes’ are a good example. Although the IoT can make life a lot

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