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Hayes & Coles Ltd

GDPR, Data Protection Act 2018, ePrivacy Consultants with 20 plus years’ experience of operational risk, compliance and data protection.

Hayes & Cole Ltd are niche providers of advice and guidance on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Data Protection Act 2018, PECR, the proposed EU ePrivacy Regulation and International personal data transfers.

Data protection compliance is about more than putting a tick in the box and saying, ‘we’ve done that, now what’s next’.

Hayes & Cole Ltd strongly believe that data protection compliance is an integral part of all business processes and at the core of the business culture.

Most importantly we believe compliance should be uncomplicated, pragmatic, scalable and workable. We aim to help businesses comply with regulations with clear and adaptable methodologies.

Our privacy consultants are experienced in steering organisations through the multifaceted privacy environment. Whatever your current level of compliance Hayes & Cole Ltd can help. We can slot into your existing data protection team to support with a particular issue, or we can help you start your data protection compliance from scratch.

Our data privacy consultancy services and solutions are scalable for your organisation, whether you are a small or medium sized business, a charity, a school or a PLC you can benefit from our expertise.

We are not the department of no – we are here to help you find pragmatic solution to a compliant yes


Some businesses will focus on just one facet of data privacy, often because they have been led to believe that they will be GDPR compliant if they just:

• secure the data

• have a bunch of documents in the cupboard

• have consent

• have a cookie banner on their website.

Yes keeping personal data secure, having valid and up to date documentation, having data subject consent where it is appropriate and having a clear cookie policy are all essential parts of the whole, but alone they do not make your business compliant – no matter what the adverts are telling you or that expensive all-encompassing IT system will have you believe.

Data protection compliance is about treating the personal data you hold in a lawful, fair and transparent way which both protects the individuals and you. Data is your most valuable business asset and Hayes & Cole Ltd can help your business care for it appropriately.

Failure to be compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA) and the other related regulation could so easily lead to your business being sanctioned by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

Hayes & Cole Ltd consultants do not provide copy and paste solutions, but we do engage with your business so that we can understand its unique way of working, this will mean that we are able to:

• evaluate your current level of compliance with data protection regulations and advise on areas of improvement, highlight priorities

• work with you to write your policies and privacy notices

• advise on your particular needs for securing the personal data you hold

• develop bespoke procedures and processes that build data protection into your operations

• design and deliver training that is specific to your business

• provide Data Protection Manager as a service

• provide Data Protection Officer as a service

• leave you with the skills to maintain your own ongoing compliance

Now you are ready to start getting control of data privacy talk to us today- we are good at what we do.

Spotlight on popular services by Hayes & Cole Ltd

Data Privacy Audits

Hayes & Cole Ltd privacy consultants will engage with your business to ensure (read more link) a good understanding of your unique needs and will evaluate your current levels of compliance provide you with a gap analysis and highlight areas of improvement and advise on amends to, or additions to your processes and documentation that will move you towards GDPR compliance.

If you are starting from scratch our privacy consultants are able to work with you to identify the priority areas to begin and write and implement the Policies, Procedures and Processes that will provide your organisation with essential Accountability documentation.

Talk to us today to arrange a Data Privacy Audit we are good at what we do. (link to form)


Training is an essential part of your data privacy compliance framework. (read more link) If your staff have not received Data Protection training and you suffer a personal data breach the ICO will view the lack of training in a very negative light.

The benefits of Hayes & Cole data protection training:

• Its convenient – all materials can be provided, and training sessions can be at your choice of time and location, minimising the time out of the office.
• It can be tailored – we can design training sessions and materials specifically for your business
• Promotes teamwork – training and awareness of data privacy will encourage better interaction to embed good practices throughout your business
•Its confidential – it can be a great opportunity to discuss real issues with our trainers and work towards real solutions for your business
• Its cost efficient – time and money savings over internal development of training materials. It’s definitely a saving over externally available qualification courses. There is the option to have our consultants train your trainers, so they are then equipped to deliver ongoing content.

We are good at what we do, so talk to us today about your training needs. (link to form)


The Data Privacy Impact Assessment (“DPIA”) is not only a process to help data controllers (read more link) systematically analyse, identify and minimise the data protection risks of a project or a plan, but is a mandatory requirement before any type of processing that is likely to result in a “high risk to the rights and freedoms of individuals”. Failure to carry out a DPIA when required may give rise to enforcement action from the ICO.

Hayes & Cole Ltd can work with you to build a DPIA process and embed it into your culture. We are also able to provide an independent DPIA evaluation service.

Talk to us today if we can help with your DPIA needs