Thought of the Day: How many people do companies have data for?

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Data is all around us, and individuals are creating more data all the time. Every time a person interacts with an online platform like Facebook or applies for a credit card, more data for that individual can be recorded. Here are some approximate figures for the number of people some companies have data for:

  • Facebook has profiles on
    • 1.9 billion Facebook users
    • 1.2 billion Whatsapp users
    • 600 million Instragram users
  • Google has profiles on
    • 2 billion Android users
    • 1+ billion Gmail users
    • 1+ billion YouTube users
  • Apple has profiles on 1 billion iOS users
  • Experian has
    • credit data on 918 million people
    • marketing data on 700 million people
  • Equifax has data on
    • 820 million people
    • 1 billion devices

Bearing in mind that the world population is 7.6 billion people, we are looking at some large numbers of people. And bearing in mind the huge Equifax data breach recently, we should also consider the impact of potential data breaches at these other companies too.

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