Thought of the Day: Legacy IT Systems and Cybersecurity

January 12 13:34 2018 Print This Article

Older operating systems like Windows XP are at a higher risk of being attacked than more recent operating systems. As Windows XP is no longer patched or updated by Microsoft, any weak spots that are identified by hackers will not be fixed. Although there are costs associated with updating operating systems, there will be significant benefits when it comes to cybersecurity. Cybercriminals will look to exploit any vulnerable systems they can find.

The WannaCry attack was the largest cyber attack on the NHS and caused 6,900 NHS appointments to be cancelled. The cybercriminals hadn’t specifically targeted hospitals, but scanned for devices that were connected to the internet and tried to identify any weak spots that were vulnerable. Once found, the ransomware was then delivered. Now that computers have become an integral part of most organisations and their workflows, the importance of cybersecurity should always be considered as a priority. That includes having systems that are up-to-date and capable of meeting modern cybersecurity needs.

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