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100 Days Until GDPR – Are you Ready? 0

With just over three months until the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) law comes into force, now is the time more than ever to think about how compliant you

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Cybersecurity Salaries 7% Up In 2018 0

Salaries for cybersecurity specialists are set to rise by 7% this year, according to the Robert Walters 2018 Salary Survey. That will be the highest wage raise among IT professionals, the recruitment consultancy claimed, with the increase across all roles

The AI Lock In Loop 0

Much more awareness is needed about the importance of making the right kind of ethical decisions in artificial intelligence, according to Azeem Azhar, an entrepreneur, investor and tech industry veteran with a keen interest in AI. He was referencing issues

GDPR and cyber-security: An opportunity that cannot be ignored 0

Data controllers and processors are required to carefully think about the ways to effectively secure personal data and take all necessary steps in this respect to prevent possible infringements of the Regulation. A new dawn in data protection is rising

How GDPR is Expected to Affect Businesses? 0

The year 2018 brings along the long-awaited arrival of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that is expected to come into effect from 25th May, 2018.  If you expect Brexit to have an impact on the regulation’s existence in

New UK data protection rules are a cynical attack on immigrants 0

Non-nationals subject to an immigration procedure are to lose the right to access data held about them, in a discriminatory move that worries the European parliament ‘This makes it impossible for individuals involved in immigration disputes to obtain their personal

How Dyson is engineering an optimal data engine 0

The role of data has been undergoing a change at Dyson. Head of data, Ryan den Rooijen explained that data has always mattered at the consumer technology company insofar as it has powered applications such as the CRM system. However,

UK.gov told: Your frantic farming of pupils’ data is getting a little creepy 0

Plans to extend slurping to why kids quit mainstream education Plans to expand the vast National Pupil Database to include information on why kids leave mainstream education have been slammed by privacy campaigners. The government’s stated aim is to better

10 Things About The Network and Information Security Directive (NIS) 0

Have you heard about the European Union’s Network and Information Security (NIS) Directive, which is scheduled to enter into member state law in 2018? Maybe not. Both the world’s attention and appetite for IT security legislation has been overfed with

Privacy regulator warns MPs over shared passwords 0

The UK’s data privacy regulator has cautioned MPs about sharing work computer passwords. It follows tweets by three Conservative Party MPs over the weekend claiming that they had provided their staff with access to their login details. Sharing passwords is

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