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We’ve heard the comparison with the millennium bug – the sky didn’t fall in on 25th May… ‘where are these game-changing fines? This is the Y2K bug all over again’.

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German Parliament Voted ‘Yes’ To Second GDPR Implementation Act 0

In a late night session on 28 June 2019, the German Parliament (Bundestag) passed the Second GDPR Implementation Act (2. Datenschutz-Anpassungs-und-Umsetzungsgesetz EU – 2. DSAnpUG-EU; the Act). The Act is available online in German here and here. For more information on the First German GDPR

GDPR Readiness Checklist 0

Preparing your business to support an international audience is a daunting process. Many think of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as a big scary monster that lurks just out of reach, impossible to understand, much less conform

German Bundestag passes second act on the adaptation of data protection law to the GDPR LinkedIn 0

Following the amendment of the Federal Data Protection Act (“BDSG”) in 2017, on 27 June 2019 the German Bundestag passed a second act to adapt the highly fragmented German data protection law to the requirements of the European General Data

What we can learn from the biggest GDPR fines so far 0

Following the first major GDPR-related financial penalty against internet giant Google, the world seems to have been waiting with bated breath for the next major fine to dwarf the €50 million (U.S. $56.3 million) France’s data regulator meted out in

Daily Insight: Can’t get no GDPR satisfaction 0

It has been revealed 10 apps have been removed from the NHS’ digital library after they “failed to satisfy assessors” they complied with the general data protection regulation – the infamous new data protection law which came into force in May 2018. 

How marketers can better safeguard against GDPR fines 0

Since General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) took effect in Europe last year, creative agencies, brands and data privacy experts have been waiting to see which unfortunate businesses would be hit first with hugely increased fines. Many speculated it would be the giant

First anniversary of the GDPR: an overview of the changes 0

Just over a year ago, on May 25, the General Data Protection Regulation (commonly known as the GDPR[1]) was adopted by the European Union (EU) Member States. This regulation marked not only an important development for the field of data


Almost exactly one year ago, Benoit Grouchko, co-founder and CEO of Paris-based Teemo, a technology company that specializes in location data, opened a letter from French regulators that shook him to his core: Teemo had just become the first company

GDPR: one year on 0

Luxembourg implemented the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) through the Law of 1 August 2018 on the Organisation of Luxembourg’s National Commission for Data Protection (CNPD) and the General System for Protecting Data, which came into force on 20

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