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Our Pick of the Week: The Essential Guide to GDPR 0

This week’s top resource is ‘The Essential Guide to GDPR’.  This document provides a summary of the GDPR, its impact and how to be compliant. There is a focus on

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Thought of the Day: Is the GDPR just ‘a flash in the pan’? 0

With all the commotion over the General Data Protection Regulation deadline and companies working on projects to get everything into

Thought of the Day: What do I charge for a Subject Access Request? 0

Currently under the Data Protection Act 1998, individuals can make a Subject Access Request (SAR) in writing to an organisation

Our Pick of the Week: Data Protection Infographic by the European Commission 0

Our favourite GDPR resource this week is this infographic by the European Commission which summarises the data protection requirements of

Thought of the Day: Is including genetic and biometric data in the GDPR over the top? 0

It’s unlikely that hackers, or anyone, will be able to make much use of stolen genetic or biometric data… right?

Thought of the Day: Is it ok to share login details and passwords at work? 0

It’s probably general knowledge and work rules that you shouldn’t share your login details with others, but is it important

Thought of the Day: Is the ICO doing enough? 0

The Information Commissioner’s Office is the UK’s regulator for data protection. They will be responsible for enforcing the GDPR and

Thought of the Day: Is it time for a professional GDPR Qualification? 0

With the Data Protection Officer role becoming a necessity for many companies and more Data Protection staff required, should there

Thought of the day: Could the GDPR eradicate data breaches? 0

The introduction of the GDPR means that companies will need to step up their game to protect client data, to

The Yahoo hack just got worse. Can companies really prevent hacking or identify breaches? 0

Yahoo had estimated that approximately 1 billion Yahoo users had been affected by a hack in August 2013. It now

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Google Facing Complaints of GDPR Violations From Consumer Groups in 7 Countries 0

As soon as the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect in May 2018, it was only a matter of time before tech giants like Google would start

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Not long to go until the GDPR is enforced 0

The 25th May 2018 enforcement date for the General Data Protection Regulation is forever getting closer. The GDPR will be

Thought of the Day: What do your Facebook Likes say about you? 0

Many people may specify their gender, ethnicity, political view or religion if the information is requested on a form.  But

Thought of the Day: What does a Data Protection Officer do? 0

Many organisations will be required to appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO) under the General Data Protection Regulation. This includes

Thought of the Day: Should Boris Johnson warn Russia over cyber-attacks? 0

The Guardian newspaper reported today that Boris Johnson will be delivering a message to Russia on his visit – that

Thought of the Day: What is Pseudonymisation? 0

Pseudonymisation is the removal of direct identifiers from data, so there is no link to an identity without further information,

Thought of the Day: Why should the UK bother with the GDPR if it will be leaving the EU? 0

The GDPR is a European Regulation that will apply to all EU member states. Although the UK is planning to

Thought of the Day: Why hide a data breach? 0

It was announced yesterday that Uber (US) had tried to conceal a data breach that affected 57 million customers and

Thought of the Day: Will DPOs get the blame if there is a data breach? 0

Being the Data Protection Officer of a company is a big responsibility. But what happens if there’s a data breach

Do you know how much of your personal data online services hold? 0

In March 2017 Judith Duportail, a German reporter, requested a copy of all of her personal data held by the

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