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Thought of the Day: Is it time for a professional GDPR Qualification? 0

With the Data Protection Officer role becoming a necessity for many companies and more Data Protection staff required, should there be an official GDPR qualification available for professionals? There are

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Thought of the day: Could the GDPR eradicate data breaches? 0

The introduction of the GDPR means that companies will need to step up their game to protect client data, to

The Yahoo hack just got worse. Can companies really prevent hacking or identify breaches? 0

Yahoo had estimated that approximately 1 billion Yahoo users had been affected by a hack in August 2013. It now

Should the GDPR expect companies to know if they’ve had a data breach? 0

There have been a number of big data breaches in recent years, including Yahoo, TalkTalk and, most recently, Equifax. In

Is the GDPR an opportunity for companies to step up? 1

Instead of viewing the General Data Protection Regulation as a chore for companies to comply with, perhaps it is an

How big or small will the first GDPR fine be? 0

One of the biggest points to note about the General Data Protection Regulation is the potential of massive fines. It

Can breaches through hacking really be prevented? 0

‘Hackers vs cybersecurity’ is like an evolutionary arms race between cats and mice. As the mice become faster and better

Guide to Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 0

About the Guide to Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations This guide is for organisations that wish to send electronic marketing

10 Things to Know to Plan for and Survive a GDPR Audit 0

Imagine, for a moment, you arrive home from your vacation and find your house has been broken into and that

Eight Steps To The GDPR Countdown 0

One year from now, the recently passed regulation known as “GDPR” (General Data Protection Regulation) goes into effect. While EU-specific,

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Thought of the Day: Why hide a data breach? 0

It was announced yesterday that Uber (US) had tried to conceal a data breach that affected 57 million customers and drivers around the world. Uber paid hackers $100,000 to delete

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Thought of the Day: Will DPOs get the blame if there is a data breach? 0

Being the Data Protection Officer of a company is a big responsibility. But what happens if there’s a data breach

Do you know how much of your personal data online services hold? 0

In March 2017 Judith Duportail, a German reporter, requested a copy of all of her personal data held by the

Where will regulators focus first? 0

Will regulators wait for companies to ‘confess’ their data breaches? Or will they actively seek out companies that are not

Data Breaches – Are we all doomed? 0

As the Equifax data breach and associated insider trading fiasco continues to evolve, it threatens to be the most damaging

If Yahoo couldn’t prevent a massive breach, then who can? 1

It took years for Yahoo to identify the breach of over a billion users during 2013 and 2014. Given that

To report or not report? 0

Imagine next year, after the General Data Protection Regulation is enforced, a company identifies that there has been a data

Are companies being set up to breach the GDPR? 0

It’s unlikely that 100% of all companies affected by the General Data Protection Regulation will be fully prepared for the

RESOURCE: Pocket Guide to GDPR 0

We’ve stumbled across this handy little guide. Gain a clear understanding of the GDPR with this essential pocket guide, which

The GDPR Guru Blog: Privacy by Design 0

The GDPR regulation calls for Privacy by Design, but doesn’t explain what Privacy by Design means, which in turn means

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