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FREE 1-on-1 with our GDPR Expert 0

GDPR Associates will provide a limited set of FREE OF CHARGE conference calls with one of our GDPR Experts. This will provide you the opportunity to have a dialogue on your specific GDPR related issues and queries and to ask

Pushfor: The rapid spread of the Wannacry Virus 0

If the NHS admitted a patient suspected with a highly contagious virus then the patient is immediately fitted with a mask and put into quarantine.  The patient is not wheeled around from ward to ward to infect as many other

Events: GDPR On Tour – The Clinic 0

GEMALTO: GDPR On Tour. The Clinic. Our GDPR clinic is touring the country, providing practical advice that will get you prepared for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Meet Gemalto across the UK and our experts in Identity, Encryption and

BIG MISTAKE: 1 in 4 UK businesses have CANCELLED preparations for GDPR 9

Study finds a quarter of UK businesses are no longer preparing for GDPR as they mistakenly believe they won’t have to comply because of Brexit ‘For so many businesses to be cancelling preparations is a big concern because this regulation

Britain’s Home Secretary Enters the Encryption Debate 0

An analysis of British Home Secretary Amber Rudd’s call, in response to last week’s terrorist attack in London, for law enforcement and intelligence services to gain access to encrypted communications services, such as WhatsApp, leads the latest edition of the

Apple denies hackers holding millions of iPhones, iCloud accounts ransom 8

Apple reassures customers that none of its systems have been breached, dismissing hackers’ claims that millions of iPhones and iCloud accounts are at risk of being wiped. Apple says none of its systems have been breached and denies that hackers

Russian Spies, Two Others, Indicted in Yahoo Hack 2

Two of the four individuals indicted for hacking Yahoo in 2014, exposing 500 million user accounts, work for a Russian intelligence service unit that the FBI collaborates with on international cybercrime investigations. The Justice Department announced March 15 the indictments

Garante issues highest EU sanction on record 0

At the top of the latest news on data protection there is a wide-ranging sanctioning initiative of the Italian data protection authority. The Garante, Italy’s data protection authority, has issued the five highest sanctions in its history, in fact, the

Experts Pick: Cyber threats are evolving and so must your defences 0

Digital transformation is not a new subject. Technology driven evolution of business to develop more efficient ways of interacting with customers and produce products is fuelling business change. As o… This contect is protected for subscribers only. Please log in

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Thought of the Day: Google and the right to be forgotten 0

In a recent landmark case, it was decided that Google must remove search results about a businessman’s criminal conviction. This could have wide-ranging repercussions. A similar claim by a different businessman for a more serious offence had been rejected by

West Yorkshire firms fined for nuisance calls to TPS subscribers 0

Two firms in West Yorkshire have been fined by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) for calling people registered with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS). Bradford-based Energy Saving Centre Ltd, which offers services such as replacement windows and doors and guttering,

IAPP Europe Data Protection Intensive 2018 0

Elizabeth Denham’s keynote speech at the IAPP Europe Data Protection Intensive 2018, London, 18 April 2018 Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham talks to the IAPP about how the ICO is preparing for the GDPR, its powers, its focus on technology, its

Kensington and Chelsea Council fined for identifying owners of unoccupied properties in FOI response 0

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea has been fined £120,000 by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) after it unlawfully identified 943 people who owned vacant properties in the borough. Names of the owners and the addresses of their unoccupied

April e-newsletter out now 0

Welcome from the Information Commissioner It was so good to see around 800 of you at our conference this week, with many more joining in through our live stream. It’s been an eventful few weeks. It’s been hard to miss

Thought of the Day: The end of online passwords? 0

WebAuthn, short for Web Authentication, is a new web standard that is expected to end the use of passwords. Instead of having to remember lengthy and complex passwords, users will be able to use biometrics, like fingerprints, or devices that

Building the cyber security community 0

Elizabeth Denham’s speech at the National Cyber Security Centre’s CYBERUK 2018 event, Manchester Central, 12 April 2018. Introduction If I seem a little comfortable in this spot, it’s perhaps because only three days ago I was right here welcoming people

Data Protection Practitioner’s Conference 2018 0

Elizabeth Denham’s speech at the Data Protection Practitioners’ Conference on 9 April 2018. Good morning to you all – eight hundred here in the room and thousands more watching our live stream. This is our eleventh annual Data Protection Practitioners’

ICO welcomes data protection practitioners to 11th annual conference as privacy dominates global news agenda 0

The Information Commissioner says recent events have demonstrated that data protection and privacy are now more important to the UK public than ever before. Elizabeth Denham was speaking ahead of the announcement of a major new public awareness campaign which

Royal Mail fined £12,000 after sending more than 300,000 nuisance emails 0

Royal Mail Group Ltd has been fined £12,000 by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) after sending more than 300,000 nuisance emails. On two dates in July 2017, the company sent emails to 327,014 people who had already opted out of

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