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FREE 1-on-1 with our GDPR Expert 0

GDPR Associates will provide a limited set of FREE OF CHARGE conference calls with one of our GDPR Experts. This will provide you the opportunity to have a dialogue on your specific GDPR related issues and queries and to ask

Pushfor: The rapid spread of the Wannacry Virus 0

If the NHS admitted a patient suspected with a highly contagious virus then the patient is immediately fitted with a mask and put into quarantine.  The patient is not wheeled around from ward to ward to infect as many other

Events: GDPR On Tour – The Clinic 0

GEMALTO: GDPR On Tour. The Clinic. Our GDPR clinic is touring the country, providing practical advice that will get you prepared for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Meet Gemalto across the UK and our experts in Identity, Encryption and

BIG MISTAKE: 1 in 4 UK businesses have CANCELLED preparations for GDPR 11

Study finds a quarter of UK businesses are no longer preparing for GDPR as they mistakenly believe they won’t have to comply because of Brexit ‘For so many businesses to be cancelling preparations is a big concern because this regulation

Britain’s Home Secretary Enters the Encryption Debate 0

An analysis of British Home Secretary Amber Rudd’s call, in response to last week’s terrorist attack in London, for law enforcement and intelligence services to gain access to encrypted communications services, such as WhatsApp, leads the latest edition of the

Apple denies hackers holding millions of iPhones, iCloud accounts ransom 8

Apple reassures customers that none of its systems have been breached, dismissing hackers’ claims that millions of iPhones and iCloud accounts are at risk of being wiped. Apple says none of its systems have been breached and denies that hackers

Russian Spies, Two Others, Indicted in Yahoo Hack 2

Two of the four individuals indicted for hacking Yahoo in 2014, exposing 500 million user accounts, work for a Russian intelligence service unit that the FBI collaborates with on international cybercrime investigations. The Justice Department announced March 15 the indictments

Garante issues highest EU sanction on record 0

At the top of the latest news on data protection there is a wide-ranging sanctioning initiative of the Italian data protection authority. The Garante, Italy’s data protection authority, has issued the five highest sanctions in its history, in fact, the

Experts Pick: Cyber threats are evolving and so must your defences 0

Digital transformation is not a new subject. Technology driven evolution of business to develop more efficient ways of interacting with customers and produce products is fuelling business change. As o… This contect is protected for subscribers only. Please log in

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The Data Protection Fee: does your company need to pay? 0

We have launched a campaign to contact all registered companies in the UK reminding them of their legal responsibility to pay a data protection fee. Source:

Implementing Privacy by Design 0

“Privacy by design” (“PbD”) is not a new concept but one that has been receiving increasing attention and legal clout in Canada, Europe, and around the world. Broadly speaking, it requires designing a system or process in a manner that

Our Data Processor Terms 0

These terms apply in cases where Aphaia Ltd (hereinafter referred to as PROCESSOR) or another company in its group is considered to be the data processor for CONTROLLER in accordance with EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). They form part

ICO Deputy Commissioner appointed OECD working party chair 0

The ICO’s Steve Wood has been appointed as chair of the OECD’s Working Party on Data Governance and Privacy. The working party plays an important role in the OECD’s international work to bring policy makers together, inform future policy and

Brexit, your business and data: processing European personal data 0

One of the biggest impacts which Brexit may have on UK organisations from an operational point of view, is on their ability to continue to process personal data about European Union (EU) citizens once the UK leaves the EU. This

Reinforcing cybersecurity for GDPR 0

Reinforcing cybersecurity for GDPR compliance requires regular monitoring and assessment of the processes, control methodologies and mitigation strategies implemented for managing information security risks. The threats are constantly intensifying as determined bad actors continue leveraging innovative strategies to penetrate stagnant

Germany: BGH publishes decision on data disclosure in civil law proceedings 0

The German Federal Court of Justice (‘BGH’) published, on 26 November 2019, its decision (‘the Decision’) issued, on 24 September 2019, stating that the privacy provisions of the Telemedia Act are applicable to Facebook Messenger. In addition, the Decision highlights

What is GDPR & COPPA? 0

What is GDPR The General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR) (EU) 2016/679 is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union. One of the reasons for having GDPR is to make sure all

What is GDPR? 0

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new data protection and privacy regulation for all individuals within the European Union (EU). It came into force on May 25th 2018. GDPR, which effectively replaces the Data Protection Act 1998, was introduced

ICO and The Alan Turing Institute open consultation on first piece of AI guidance 0

What do we really understand about how decisions are made about us using artificial intelligence (AI)? The potential for AI is huge, but its implementation is often complex, which makes it difficult for people to understand how it works. And

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