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Understanding & Working with the GDPR: Engaging Your EU Audience

Understanding & Working with the GDPR: Engaging Your EU Audience

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This week the GDPR Associates web team were curious to see the views on GDPR by those in the marketing sector, and we stumbled across an interesting webinar by Marketo.

Matthew Fischer (Associate General Counsel and Chief Privacy Officer) and Peter Bell (Senior Director of EMEA Marketing) provide an overview of the GDPR, the new requirements, penalties and the key areas that marketers need to consider to be compliant.

The objective of the GDPR is to strengthen the rights of European citizens regarding how their personal data is used and protected. The 6 key principles detailed in Article 5 are briefly discussed:
1. Lawfulness, fairness & transparency
2. Purpose limitation
3. Data minimisation
4. Accuracy
5. Storage limitation
6. Integrity & confidentiality

The GDPR applies to any organisation inside or outside the EU that do business with Europeans involving the processing of their personal data. The webinar discusses the new requirement of accountability and the change in penalties. Fines under the GDPR will be much higher than current fines, which has drawn a lot of attention to the new Regulation.

Marketo understands the importance of putting privacy and data protection in the hands of the data subject and will be in compliance with the GDPR by May 25th 2018. The GDPR is presented as an opportunity to increase trust and for marketing to raise the bar in the way that they engage with customers. There will be higher expectations and Marketing will become more regulated.

Marketo discusses two key areas that Marketing needs to review:
– Consent by the individual to use their personal data
– Accountability, namely being able to demonstrate how they comply with the principles of the GDPR

How Marketing addresses these higher expectations around the collection, use and security of the personal data that is routinely used in the course of work is key.

A checklist for Marketers is discussed, including:

– Links to privacy policy on every form
– Additional information may be required if third parties are used
– Consent fields required on every form
– Additional lead fields and recommendations, for example the purpose of processing for which consent was obtained
– Ability to opt-out
– Web tracking

Some of these points are discussed in further detail with examples of solutions to meet the new requirements. The webinar ends by discussing the Accountability requirement in further detail and providing information on further resources from Marketo.

To view the webinar yourself please visit the following link: https://www.marketo.com/webinars/understanding-and-working-with-the-gdpr/

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