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GDPR Institut are engaged as advisors with businesses in the European Union. We work in association with corporate clients to address key business needs.

Partners 9WE ENCOURAGE YOUR ORGANISATION TO PARTNER WITH US. In return we will promote your product or service offering to a wide range of corporate clients.

Please register your interest to join us as a partner using the form at the bottom of this page. We work with partners that will help you fulfil all the pieces of the GDPR Business Compliance puzzle. Contact us for help with:

  • Consultancy Solutions
  • Training Services
  • Technology Providers
  • Specialist Recruitment
  • Audit Specialists
  • Legal Consulting


Featured Partners

BLMS Consulting

BLMS Consulting GDPR ServicesThe BLMS GDPR Readiness Assessment will explore how data is obtained, stored, protected, and processed, how the data subject is serviced, and the company’s data protection governance policies and practices. It will cover Operational Framework and Processes, People and Behaviours, Legal Framework & Processes, and Governance and Oversight. Find out more.



AssureData GDPR TrainingWe deliver public foundation training courses which focus heavily on practical steps to take toward GDPR compliance, but equally can develop tailored courses for individual organisations. Additionally we have developed a number of short user awareness animated films to augment any live training which can be accessed on the learning management system, or bought separately to be hosted on your own LMS platform. Find out more.


AppCheck GDPR TechnologyAppCheck

AppCheck Ltd provides a leading web application and external infrastructure vulnerability scanning tool (automated penetration testing tool), that allows its users to automate the discovery of security flaws within their network perimeter quicker, easier and more accurately. Find out more.


Nymity GDPR TechnologyNymity

Nymity specializes in data privacy compliance and privacy management. Our extensive range of software solutions help organizations all over the world to effectively manage and communicate privacy, increase efficiency, and save time. Find out more.


SOLA Group – Home to SOLA Technology & SOLA Consulting

SOLA Technology | SOLA Consulting | GDPRAn unrivalled network of talent, providing the best technology resourcing & GDPR consulting solutions for your business. Find out more.


Shamrock Privacy Advice (™ of Shamrock Information Security)Shamrock Information Security | GDPR Compliance

Shamrock Privacy advice is your trusted partner to help you investigate, advice, implement and train your company to achieve the alignment required. We can help with achieving your goals, align them with your business as well as mitigate the risks associated with handling personal data to an acceptable level. Find out more.


Big Data Revealed | GDPR TechnologyBigDataRevealed (BDR)

We have developed a quick and high value discovery Application for GDPR and General Compliance which accelerates identification and location of areas of exposure, whether they occur in an intended or unintended area of your big data environment… Find out More.



Pushfor | GDPR TechnologyPushfor is a smart, secure content sharing and messaging  platform. It is the only truly secure content sharing and instant messaging platform designed specifically for business use. It pushes, controls and tracks content of any type or size, engaging with users in real-time whatever the device. Find out more.



RepKnight | GDPR SoftwareOur software platform provides real-time cyber intelligence to keep people, companies and assets safe from internal and external threats. With real-time monitoring of hundreds of millions of messages each day, organisations can be quickly alerted to issues or threats – often before they happen. Find out more.



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