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ALYNE is a software solution that makes risk management and compliance as easy as browsing social media. It gives you deeper and more actionable insights into your organisation’s risk and compliance exposure which creates value faster.

Our solution enables your organisation to implement and set policies for company-relevant laws and regulations, including GDPR, as part of your data privacy baseline use case and strategy together with many other GRC use cases.

The GDPR content and policies are already created within the Alyne solution making it simple and easy for you to implement so why not follow these easy steps to create your organisation’s GDPR Data Privacy Baseline:

  1. Complete the Alyne GDPR Gap Analysis to assess any gaps you may have in your GDPR policies - this is free of charge and we provide a report to you as part of the process
  2. Buy the GDPR Starter Pack from Alyne with all the pre-created content and policies. This comes with an easy-to-use 10 steps to delivering GDPR document with the Alyne solution and support from our helpdesk if you hit any hurdles where you need help during the process; and
  3. At the end of this period you move to a 12-month SaaS-based contract and with the GDPR use case up and running you can then start to digitise other risk and compliance processes with Alyne.

ALYNE enables you to access the easiest and fastest means to implement risk and compliance across your entire organisation giving you peace of mind through an easy-to-use and cost-effective software cloud-based solution to a traditionally complex, manual and expensive problem.
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Alyne GDPR Whitepaper - A Strategic Approach to Compliance

Download the Alyne GDPR Whitepaper

Download the Alyne GDPR Whitepaper

A Strategic Approach to Compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was passed in Spring 2016 and must be fully implemented by the 25th May 2018, which means it is time to start laying down plans for your data protection projects. In our whitepaper we have defined and provided clarity on the challenges you will have to overcome to deliver GDPR compliance.
Download the Whitepaper

Meet Alyne at the Next GDPR Associates Webinar

Supported by the GDPR Institut

With the realisation of the looming GDPR deadline just a few short months away, there is an increasing level of fear, uncertainty and doubt in the market how to approach this new compliance buzz topic.

It is time to take a step back and examine how to strategically position your GDPR and Data Privacy program within your organisation.

In this webinar, Stefan Sulistyo of Alyne will share his extensive experience, as a former Head of IT Security, Risk and Compliance for a major German media and telecommunications corporation, one of the toughest data privacy environments in the world.

Topics covered:

  • How to establish a holistic Data Privacy Management System and the corresponding processes
  • Running efficient Privacy Impact Assessments to identify your biggest areas of risk
  • Demystifying "consent"
  • Don't fear data breach notifications
  • Tips for dealing with privacy complaints and regulators

Practical examples will be shown within Alyne, the next-generation Governance Risk Compliance platform, ideally suited to run your Data Privacy Management System.

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