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Ensighten – Website Data Privacy Compliance

Ensighten specialises in enterprise data management and powers the world’s leading brands, including Microsoft, TUI and Ensighten Privacy Solutions deliver robust and turnkey GDPR website compliance available with a 30 day free trial.


Trusted Real-Time Data Privacy

Ensighten Privacy Solutions’ unique architecture offers the only patented solution to stop all consumer data sharing prior to visitor consent, and supports both Whitelists and Blacklists so that access to sensitive consumer data is limited to your trusted partners. The Ensighten platform powers the world’s leading brands, including Heathrow, TUI and


Ensighten GDPR Compliance

Comply with GDPR Data Collection Provisions in 3 Simple Steps

Ensighten Privacy GDPR is a new turnkey offering that delivers simple GDPR website consumer data protection to websites of all sizes. To comply with the GDPR consumer data collection requirements, websites will need to have real-time website monitoring, visitor notification and consent prior to consumer data collection, dynamic permissions enforcement, audit tracking and more. All seamlessly delivered by Ensighten without needing technical specialists. 30 day risk free trial, no credit card required.


Stop All Piggybacking and Data Leaks with Robust Data Governance

Ensighten Privacy Enterprise is designed for the challenges of the digital enterprise, delivering real power and flexibility to marketers and data compliance officers alike. It not only solves GDPR website compliance, but also delivers enterprise workflows, ongoing privacy risk assessments, and eliminates unauthorized tag piggybacking and data leaks. Learn more here.


Ensighten Privacy Solutions Overview

Ensighten GDPR Solutions

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Free Website GDPR Audit 1

For a limited time we are able to offer a completely FREE GDPR site audit by Ensighten. You will recieve a no obligation assessment of your website and will be contacted by a representitive who will discuss the findings with

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As the gatekeepers to the majority of customer data, the marketer’s role in preparing for GDPR (the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation) is critical to full compliance. Ensighten conducted research to establish the state of play in the UK

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