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GDPR Associates are engaged as advisors with many senior executives in many large, medium and small businesses, headquartered or doing business in the European Union. These business executives are constantly seeking technology solutions, legal advice, consulting services, talent acquisition and training services.


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SherborneSoft is a US Privacy Consultancy specializing in bringing technology and expert deployment to companies facing complex GDPR and CCPA compliance requirements. Experienced in multi-website  Cookie Consent projects, SherborneSoft provides guidance on practical implementations, seeking to achieve operational advantages to supplement compliance initiatives.  This is vital to giving those who handle the daily marketing and technical properties of your websites the tools they need to efficiently handle on-going responsibilities. Find Out More

Shamrock Privacy Advice (™ of Shamrock Information Security)Hayes & Coles Ltd

GDPR, Data Protection Act 2018, ePrivacy Consultants with 20 plus years’ experience of operational risk, compliance and data protection.


SOLA Group – Home to SOLA Technology & SOLA Consulting

SOLA Group

An unrivalled network of talent, providing the best technology resourcing & GDPR consulting solutions for your business. Find out more.


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