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GDPR Associates are engaged as advisors with many senior executives in many large, medium and small businesses, headquartered or doing business in the European Union. These business executives are constantly seeking technology solutions, legal advice, consulting Services, talent acquisition. and training services.

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BigDataRevealed (BDR)

We have developed a quick and high value discovery Application for GDPR and General Compliance which accelerates identification and location of areas of exposure, whether they occur in an intended or unintended area of your big data environment… Find out More.


SOLA Technology

GDPR consultancy services advising & delivering on compliancy challenges, utilising people, technology & process. SOLA Technology providing staffing solutions with niche focus within Cyber security, Data, Analytics, IoT, Programme & Project management, Sales, Pre-sales & DevOps. Find out More.



Our software platform provides real-time cyber intelligence to keep people, companies and assets safe from internal and external threats. With real-time monitoring of hundreds of millions of messages each day, organisations can be quickly alerted to issues or threats – often before they happen. Find out more.


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