Events: The Rise of Cybercrime as a Service: Which Threats Should We Address First?

by GDPR Associates | 26th March 2017 2:51 pm

Up and coming event.

Monetarily motivated attacks are by far the most prevalent cyberthreats to organizations worldwide, yet vulnerability management techniques have largely failed to adapt to a threat landscape dominated by distributed crimeware. By understanding the commercialization of attack tools and services – particularly the vulnerabilities they use, re-use and share – vulnerability management can focus on the small subset of vulnerabilities that are exploited in the wild and packaged in distributed crimeware. This threat-centric approach improves vulnerability prioritization and focuses remediation on the relatively small number of exploitable vulnerabilities, greatly reducing risk through efficient, intelligent processes. This session will cover what’s been driving the shift to distributed cybercrime, how to align vulnerability management with real-world threat behavior, and what intelligence and tools are needed.

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