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SherborneSoft is a US Privacy Consultancy specializing in bringing technology and expert deployment to companies facing complex GDPR and CCPA compliance requirements. Experienced in multi-website  Cookie Consent projects, SherborneSoft provides guidance on practical implementations, seeking to achieve operational advantages to supplement compliance initiatives.  This is vital to giving those who handle the daily marketing and technical properties of your websites the tools they need to efficiently handle on-going responsibilities. 

Cookie Consent

Few companies are prepared for the complexity of cookie consent deployments. Cookie audits, consent models, geolocation rules, implementation methods, languages,  and branding considerations become even more challenging when many resources, internal and external, have their hand in the operation of each website. SherborneSoft provides clarity with a single holistic view across all stakeholders and all aspects of the deployment, ensuring an organized and timely compliance. In addition, this framework allows specific processes to be established, managed and reviewed within the audit-able framework, giving governance to all on-going compliance initiatives.

With Regulations proliferating around the globe, the unique compliance requirements of different regions call for flexible solutions, customized, and properly implemented to ensure the best on-going results. SherborneSoft provides a framework for expert deployments and on-going governance of Cookie Consent compliance.