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Apple denies hackers holding millions of iPhones, iCloud accounts ransom 8

Apple reassures customers that none of its systems have been breached, dismissing hackers’ claims that millions of iPhones and iCloud accounts are at risk of being wiped. Apple says none

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News Round-up: Incident management in the GDPR world 0

Today we saw some interesting news from the Cyber Counsel. The GDPR introduces many new requirements, including a new 72-hour period for breach notifications. Although companies should focus on preventing

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GDPR Incidents and Breach Notifications 0

72-hour deadline for personal data breaches The General Data Protection Regulation will introduce a 72-hour deadline for reporting certain data breaches. Any breach that would result in a high risk

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REVIEW: GDPR and beyond 0

Introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be replacing the current data protection directive in 2018.  Companies holding the data of any European

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UK Organisations and the EU General Data Protection Regulation – Risks, Costs and Rewards 1

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation is close to being a reality. We name its main provisions After three years of arduous discussion, it now certain that the EU’s long-awaited

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