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Minister to give evidence to Lords committee on data protection after Brexit 1

Topics of discussion include data sharing between the UK and the US after the UK leaves the EU. Experts have said that post-Brexit, not much will change, as the EU

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Myths and Unusual Consequences of GDPR 0

Some aspects to consider regarding the new Regulation The GDPR is expected to be in force by May 2018, however, it seems that companies’ understanding of the new Regulation is

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What You Need to Know About GDPR 3

The concept of data protection has been around for many years, since the UK first implemented a Data Protection Act in 1984. The general data protection regulation is a piece

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6 Ways To Prepare For The EU’s GDPR 0

In less than 20 months, all US companies doing business in the EU will face new consumer privacy requirements. Here’s how to prepare for them. In less than 20 months,

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How the GPDR can help the European Digital Single Market (DSM) 0

These days the European Commission for the Digital Agenda is defining the recommendations and rules that will govern the Digital Single Market (DSM) of the twenty-eight European Countries. The purpose

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New EU Cybersecurity Regulations On The Way: Things To Know Now 0

Since the first draft comprehensive regulation to govern cybersecurity in the European Union (“EU”) was issued by the European Commission in January 2012, the European Commission, the European Council, and

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