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Tag "Consumers"

Consumers remain largely unaware about how their data is used, despite GDPR 0

A year on from the implementation of GDPR, a large chunk of consumers around Europe still have no idea about how their data is being collected, stored, and used by

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GDPR Inspires Confidence In Many Consumers, But 35% Opt Out Of Email 0

With the one-year anniversary of GDPR just a few days away, new findings have emerged, showing that the law is drawing mixed reviews from consumers. For instance, a study by

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No Difference In Email Since GDPR, Consumers Say 0

Consumers have positive feelings about GDPR — 56% support it and almost 40% say they have more control over how their data is used since the took effect, according to

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UK consumers don’t think GDPR has worked 0

They don’t feel any safer than they did a year ago. UK consumers believe GDPR has failed them and that their data is no more or no less secure than

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