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GDPR fines total €56M in first year as Facebook faces 11 investigations 0

The stats are in for the first year of GDRP, Europe’s gold-standard data privacy law. GDPR fines totalled €56M, with more than 200,000 investigations, 64,000 of which were upheld. However, the fines were

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Facebook facing multiple GDPR investigations in Ireland 0

A large number of American tech companies are facing possible GDPR breach investigations in Ireland, the country’s data watchdog has revealed. Most US firms that do business in Europe (and that’s pretty

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Thought of the Day: How was Facebook breached? 0

It doesn’t seem like Facebook was secretly hacked by cybercriminals – so what happened? The company Cambridge Analytica created a third party app that could gather the Facebook data of

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Thought of the Day: The ICO investigates the Facebook breach 0

Cambridge Analytica managed to harvest the data of tens of millions of Facebook users. This was done using an app that was able to collect the data of not only

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