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Expert View: Can E-mail be secured enough to transfer personal data under the GDPR? 0

Part I: Historical Background This question is as valid under the GDPR as it is under the data protection regime we have had for the last 22 years under the

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DOWNLOAD: A Mobile Security Checklist: The Top Ten Threats to Your Enterprise Today 0

Summary As enterprises mobilize business processes, more and more sensitive data passes through and resides on mobile endpoints. And while almost every CIO knows how important mobile security is, get…

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ANALYSIS: IT Systems and the New Regulation 1

Building the GDPR into Software The General Data Protection Regulation requires companies to assess and review their data processes, including what type of data is held, who can access it

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Download: A New Approach to Endpoint Security Software Testing 0

Downloadable transcript. Tomer Weingarten, CEO of SentinelOne on the Need for Change Interviewed by Tom Field, VP of Editorial for Information Security Media Group (ISMG) As a result of chang…

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A New Approach to Endpoint Security Software Testing 0

Security product testers have architectured their test suites to adhere to the technologies of the past 10 years. However, as endpoint security and the threat landscape continue to evolve, so

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