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If Yahoo couldn’t prevent a massive breach, then who can? 1

It took years for Yahoo to identify the breach of over a billion users during 2013 and 2014. Given that Yahoo is a massive international technology company with enough money

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Russian Spies, Two Others, Indicted in Yahoo Hack 2

Two of the four individuals indicted for hacking Yahoo in 2014, exposing 500 million user accounts, work for a Russian intelligence service unit that the FBI collaborates with on international

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Major Yahoo Data Breach. 1 Billion Accounts at Risk 0

Another Major Yahoo Data Breach – Data stolen from one billion users In 2016, Yahoo found two major data breaches.  The first incident was confirmed in September which involved the

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Verizon reconsiders purchasing Yahoo for $4.8 billion 0

Purchase is reconsidered following stolen data Following the announcement that one billion Yahoo account credentials had been stolen, Verizon is reconsidering purchasing Yahoo for $4.8 billion.  Verizon may bargain to

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