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The General Data Protection Regulation (or GDPR for short) is a new set of privacy rules. They are applicable to any company that had clients or customers in the EU. The GDPR was designed to give you, as consumers and citizens, more control over your personal data. Here’s what we here at WeTransfer did to get GDPR compliant, in layman’s terms:

Keeping your data safe has always been our main priority, and we upped our game! Transfers uploaded from within the EU are stored in the EU, on GDPR compliant servers hosted by AWS. This includes the metadata attached to transfers, like your email address and IP address.
We also made sure our own databases got an upgrade to ensure they handle personal data in a GDPR-friendly way, and we set tighter retention periods for all user data.

We built a brand new analytical database that only stores data in a pseudonymized form. That means there is no directly identifiable data stored in there, and our teams work with pseudonyms instead of plain data.

We zoomed into how we use your data to improve our service, and found that we weren’t using it to our best abilities. So, we got rid of a couple redundant cookies and added a new analytical cookie (Snowplow) that lets us store user data on our own domain instead of using an external partner. To complete the process, we updated the Privacy Statement to reflect all the changes we made.

Internally, we assessed each team, to 1. identify and fix gaps in their workflow, and 2. create an extensive datamap, so we understand where data goes and why. Then we evaluated if we were happy with where data went, and adjusted where necessary. Sounds cryptic, it basically means we chucked out a couple of the tools we used and replaced them with GDPR compliant tools.
Just a reminder; all improvements and changes were done for all our users around the globe. We’re GDPR compliant for our Pro users, and just as compliant for everyone using the free service. All WeTransfer users are equally well-protected.

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