GDPR Thought of the Day – What’s mine, is now yours

March 27 11:50 2017 Print This Article

Pseudonymisation is a complex looking, rather difficult to pronounce, word for what is actually a very elegant solution to the marketing dilemma posed by GDPR.

Just as organisations have been gathering more and more detail about our likes, personality types, and likely responses, GDPR appears to have come along to block it – or has it ?

In general, the new regulations do not    provide a very strict list of requirements. It’s been cleverly constructed to provide a new set of rights that will remain constant even as technology and techniques change over time.

The regulations stipulate protection of personal data, so the easiest way to protect it is not to capture it (minimalisation) or not to keep it (limitation), but what if you want it and want to keep it?

The next best option is to break the association between the data being captured and the living individual – and the easiest way to do that is to introduce a pseudonym in place of that living individual. Once the data can’t be linked back to an EU citizen it can be used freely.

Pseudonymisation, is simply the name given to the elegant process of introducing a non-identifiable ID in the place of an identifiable one. If the link needs to be retained for other reasons then it can be held in a different database and more tightly secured (encrypted) as access will be sporadic and only needed by a few.

It could just be the silver lining that Marketeers are looking for.

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