Thought of the Day: Will the GDPR prevent new attacks?

November 30 15:15 2017 Print This Article

In an ideal world, the GDPR will make companies ‘step up their game’ in protecting client data, thus eradicating all data breaches caused by hackers. Cybersecurity will be so strong and effective that hackers will have no chance of forcing their way in.

The reality is more likely to be that even though companies’ cybersecurity will become better, hackers will continue to face the challenge and even work on new methods to work around cybersecurity. An example of this is the use of non-malware or ‘fileless’ attacks, which many security solutions cannot prevent or detect, and allows hackers to access systems without installing any software. One study found that 77 % of compromised attacks in 2017 were fileless and that fileless attacks are ten times more likely to succeed than file-based attacks. We can expect to continue seeing cybercriminals using new methods, and we should also expect companies to be more aware of these threats and find or create adequate solutions.

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